History of the Industrial Park

The development concept of the Tatabánya Industrial Park was elaborated in the mid 1990’s. According to the decision of the city management, the surging unemployment caused by the closure of mines and the decline in the production of their suppliers were to be efficiently addressed by the industrial park which would enable the creation of new workplaces in the manufacturing industries in large numbers.. As a first step the city founded the Economic Development Organization(EDO), which was primarily responsible for seeking and settling foreign investors. The accomplishment of the first significant investment was managed by the EDO in 1995. In 1997, when the first Industrial Park Program was launched by the Government of Hungary, the EDO applied for the Industrial Park title and the title was granted by the government. Due to the lack of sufficient local government funds and other professional considerations, the general assembly of the city made a strategic decision to call for a tender for the development of the industrial park. A highly capitalized company with local interest and expertise in greenfield investments was sought for. The tender, with the Industrial Park title, was won by Industrial Projects Hungary Ltd. (IPH). Starting from 1998, IPH manages the greenfield investments in the Industrial Park in strong cooperation with local organizations (Local Governments, EDO, National Employment Service, Regional Integrated Vocational Training Centre, etc.).

IPH has gradually contracted the lands with the owners, developed the utilities and during the years has expanded the area of the industrial park in several steps. The rate of expansion necessitated the inclusion of areas of Környe which was facilitated by the agreement between the two local governments. The current area of the industrial park is approximately 450 ha, of which one third belongs to the public administration of Tatabánya and two thirds to Környe. At the moment the area of around 150 ha is available for green field investors. However,in case of a larger demand it is possible to expand the industrial park by a further 350 ha. The entire Industrial Park possesses a valid development/zoning plan. The industrial park is endowed with outstanding logistic features: It is located 3.5 km from the M1 motorway, directly accessible from the Tata-Környe exit. The Tatabánya Industrial Park is able to accommodate any standard size greenfield investment today – and even the largest ones tomorrow. Based on its area it is one of the largest industrial parks in Hungary, belonging to the most competitive ones due to its full services and available high utility capacities.