Tatabánya Industrial Park was established with the aim to provide effecient support to improving the employment conditions in the city and its region. Our mission is to achieve this by being an active tool in the creation of a large number of new workplaces, technological development and the fostering and maintaining of a diversified industrial structure. The industrial park was founded among the firsts in the country in 1997 as a result of the local governments’ initiation. Due to its rapid development, the park today comprises areas under the public administration of Tatabánya

and also its neighboring Környe. From the beginning, the developer of the industrial park has been Industrial Projects Hungary Ltd. In close cooperation with the local governments, the Hungarian investment promotion organizations and the competent departments of the national government, we strive to provide a competitive, investor-friendly, flexible and experienced host environment to our present and prospective partners. Our combined efforts have contributed to the establishment of around 6000 new workplaces in the industrial park and the cumulative value of foreign direct investment approximates 1 billion Euros. The progress that suppliers of the settled firms, service companies and the financial sector have shown also has indirectly contributed to the creation of thousands of new workplaces. The change is striking and visible: the city and its surroundings today is a highly developed environment with large green areas, among those having the cleanest air in Hungary, and is becoming increasingly attractive to the settling companies and employees.