Labor Force

It is the skilled local and regional workforce with industrial traditions of many decades that has been the foundation for the large scale industrial development of the past twenty years.

On the basis of this labor force, that had gained experiences primarily in the fields of mining, heavy engineering and machine manufacturing industries, a dynamic economic development has commenced that is characteristic to the city and the industrial park. In the past two decades the local labor force efficiently adopted to the requirements of the industry with changed structure, has learned such new working methods, work organization and management systems that make it competitive by international standards, too. Those companies that settled in the park have provided such training, that makes foreign language communication a necessary and natural part of the everyday work, which is coupled with hard work and a high level of loyalty.

Many of the companies in the industrial park are proud of the fact that their performance indicators meet or exceed the level that is standard in their parent companies.

The economically active ages of the population of Komárom-Esztergom County constitute the natural labor market for the companies operating in the industrial park.

A special feature of the local labor market is that the employment rate has been constantly higher than the national average, while the unemployment rate has been significantly lower.

On the following pages we will introduce the size and activity of the labor market as well as the main employment and unemployment figures on a national and county level.